Happy Tails October 10 2018

Every year in the U.S., between 9 and 11 million animals die in shelters. Rescue shelters are always at capacity, and there are many more animals being abandoned each day than there are homes that welcome pets in. Please read on for stories of successful family-pet matches, and consider becoming an adoptive pet parent today!

"Rescue Paw Foundation has been instrumental in saving the lives of hundreds of dogs and puppies,” explain our friends at Bideawee, the leading pet welfare organization in our area for more than 112 years. “Many of Bideawee’s pups originated from Rescue Paw Foundation. They care deeply for every animal pulled from the rural communities from which they come. Some come from deplorable conditions and are often starving, neglected or injured. RPF ensures they have food, medicine and veterinary care, and acts as a liaison for transport to Bideawee, at which time they receive additional veterinary care and are spayed and neutered, behaviorally evaluated and placed in loving homes. Without Rescue Paw Foundation, many of Bideawee’s ‘happy tails’ may have never happened."

Reese (top right) is one of many dogs that found his way from the back woods of Alabama to a wonderful forever home in New York. Before being transported, he tested positive for heartworm, was successfully treated and received a clean bill of health, all due to the good work of Rescue Paw Foundation. His new family, who always had two dogs, was looking for a playmate for their dog, Tara. Reese won them over with his stunning good looks and lively personality, and we are happy to report that he is thriving in his forever home!

Brothers Kristoff (not pictured) and Olaf (top left) were also transported from Alabama during a frozen, blizzard-filled day in February 2015. These unfortunate dogs did not know or understand the comfort of a home or family, and were fearful of so many things. To help them become confident and self-assured, they were placed in separate foster homes. After several months apart, Olaf and Kristoff were reunited during one of New York State Retriever Rescue's adoption events, and it was clear to see that these two remembered each other! At the event, Kristoff was introduced to a family who was looking to adopt an older dog and a puppy, but when they saw the incredible bond between Olaf and Kristoff, they just had to have both! Together again and forever.

And right at home among the London Jewelers Family is our newest addition, Brooklyn (pictured above left, next to her sister Bailey). Her previous owner had to relocate and delivered her to Bideawee, trusting that she would receive a wonderful new forever home. Another happy ending!

Rescue Paw Foundation hosts adoption events twice a year with local shelters to help find forever homes for pets in need!

Be sure to join us at our upcoming events planned at Americana Manhasset, Wheatley Plaza and the Hamptons (for details, visit facebook.com/OurCauseForPaws)