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MAMA MAYA & HER HAPPY PUPS January 15 2019

This cute face was saved by the bell! The adorable puppy was one of eight born under miraculous circumstances.

Her mama, Maya, was recently rescued from a high-kill shelter in Wilmer, Texas. The “shelter” is little more than a windowless, unventilated shed that takes in about 5,000 animals per year, many of whom do not make it out alive. Maya had been abused and was suffering from malnutrition, but thanks to a regular rescue transfer funded in part by the Rescue Paw Foundation, Maya and her mate were safely moved to Garden Rescues in Connecticut. Soon after arriving, she gave birth to a litter of eight. Three did not survive, but thankfully Mama, Papa and five puppy dogs are now happy and thriving.

Seven lives were saved, and proceeds from sales of the Our Cause for Paws jewelry line made this possible — every piece of jewelry sold truly does make an impact! If everyone who loves animals bought a piece for themselves and sent one as a gift, think of how many lives could be saved…

From Texas (the number-one kill-state in the U.S.), to Puerto Rico, to The Chinese Dog Meat Market, dogs all around the world are awaiting our help. We must save them — and with your generosity, we can!