Why adoption events are so vital to saving lives! November 29 2023

Every year at least twice a year The Rescue Paw Foundation sponsors adoption events featuring many shelters in the tri-state area. 

Because so many shelters and rescues are full, this is a great way to showcase the dogs and cats by having many of them bring their animals for people to see. There is a great selection of all kinds of dogs and many breeds !! There is no need to buy a dog anymore as rescue has every kind of breed available. Just see what the shelters and rescues have. 

There are so many dogs and cats in one place waiting for you to come to see them and take one home !

When you rescue a pet you actually save 2 by taking the one home and emptying that cage so another one can go in its place. 

With so many unwanted animals from overpopulation these days it’s very rewarding to save lives !

Support The Rescue Paw foundation to be able to do more of these adoption events !
Donations are gladly accepted and every dollar goes right to the animals.