The overpopulation crisis April 04 2024

There are just too many dogs and cats on the streets and in the shelters that can't find homes. With overcrowding in shelters and the fact that many places don't have spay - neuter services available there are many places in the US that have a disproportionate amount of animals being born homeless. Born to the streets to live a life of hardship and misery. Rescue Paw has been instrumental in helping to place many of these animals from the high kill shelters of Texas.

For years we have worked to save thousands of lives bringing them to safety and love in the wonderful rescues and shelters in the tri state area. Texas is the number one kill state in the nation. There are homeless animals on the streets, highways and other places where they are just dumped like a piece of garbage leaving them to fend for themselves. Many were loving pets now to be left to die.

For years we have tried to save as many as we can working with boots on the ground real life caring rescuers that give their heart and soul. They are tirelessly working everyday to save these animals from harm and suffering. Today we would like to honor them and thank them for their devotion and dedication to saving so many wonderful animals that are now in loving homes. We want to thank 4 Legged Helpers and SCFA for all the amazing work that has been done over the years to save thousands of animals from a very tough area of Texas. These small rescues are their only hope for that freedom ride and a hopefully shelter or rescue that will provide them with a loving home. Lately we fight to save every single life as the over population is growing even more.

For the future we need more caring people to help these animals in need. Rescuers get tired and they burn out leaving gaps for these areas that need the help so badly. So many dogs and cats are dying. America is very far away from being a no kill nation. Dogs and cats die in huge numbers every day for lack of fosters and loving homes. Healthy animals with tails wagging walk to their unknowing death every single day. The sadness of this happening when it could be prevented is just beyond comprehension. There is so much work to be done. Laws need to be enforced, spay neuter programs need to be instituted to ensure that the suffering of the homeless will end. People need affordable care for their pets. The list goes on and on. Rescue Paw is dedicated to saving these unwanted dogs and cats and will continue to find new rescues and fosters to work with. We will not give up on these animals!!!

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