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This is the worst time for homeless animals in years July 18 2024

This is the worst time for homeless animals in years. The push to end homelessness for animals across the country isn't working and the backlog of animals on the streets and In kill shelters is at an all time high. More animals are being euthanized now than in decades.

The problem is that this is not being addressed by the big organizations that keep asking for donations to save animals. Campaigns for spay- neuter and humane education need to be done to break the vicious cycle that is in place now. If we spay- neuter dogs and cats seriously there would be a lot less homeless animals on the streets. If we had humane education in every school the next generation would learn not to abuse animals and how to help them. This is the fix!

The smaller rescues and the smaller local no kill shelters are the ones doing the heavy lifting by putting their hearts and souls into saving precious lives. They are the ones who go out of their way to rescue, care for and find loving homes for each and every animal in their care. They take in the ones no one wants.

Rescue Paw foundation is proud to sponsor so many of these local rescues and shelters by sending them healthy animals in need by taking them off the streets, out of homes where they are unwanted and the high kill shelters where they are pulled just in time ...with all vetting and transport included. The animals come free.

Rescue Paw foundation works with these small organizations that do so much to protect these homeless animals and to give them a chance for a loving home once again.

Please support our work. To date we have helped to rescue over 10,000 dogs and some cats.. from many places in the USA where there are too many animals and not enough homes .. Rescue Paw Foundation also works to save lives internationally as well.

The overpopulation crisis April 04 2024

There are just too many dogs and cats on the streets and in the shelters that can't find homes. With overcrowding in shelters and the fact that many places don't have spay - neuter services available there are many places in the US that have a disproportionate amount of animals being born homeless. Born to the streets to live a life of hardship and misery. Rescue Paw has been instrumental in helping to place many of these animals from the high kill shelters of Texas.

For years we have worked to save thousands of lives bringing them to safety and love in the wonderful rescues and shelters in the tri state area. Texas is the number one kill state in the nation. There are homeless animals on the streets, highways and other places where they are just dumped like a piece of garbage leaving them to fend for themselves. Many were loving pets now to be left to die.

For years we have tried to save as many as we can working with boots on the ground real life caring rescuers that give their heart and soul. They are tirelessly working everyday to save these animals from harm and suffering. Today we would like to honor them and thank them for their devotion and dedication to saving so many wonderful animals that are now in loving homes. We want to thank 4 Legged Helpers and SCFA for all the amazing work that has been done over the years to save thousands of animals from a very tough area of Texas. These small rescues are their only hope for that freedom ride and a hopefully shelter or rescue that will provide them with a loving home. Lately we fight to save every single life as the over population is growing even more.

For the future we need more caring people to help these animals in need. Rescuers get tired and they burn out leaving gaps for these areas that need the help so badly. So many dogs and cats are dying. America is very far away from being a no kill nation. Dogs and cats die in huge numbers every day for lack of fosters and loving homes. Healthy animals with tails wagging walk to their unknowing death every single day. The sadness of this happening when it could be prevented is just beyond comprehension. There is so much work to be done. Laws need to be enforced, spay neuter programs need to be instituted to ensure that the suffering of the homeless will end. People need affordable care for their pets. The list goes on and on. Rescue Paw is dedicated to saving these unwanted dogs and cats and will continue to find new rescues and fosters to work with. We will not give up on these animals!!!

Please help to support our work and to help save lives... every donation goes strictly to saving lives.

Please help us to help them!

Every dollar goes right to the animals.

Rescue Paw 2023 Recap February 02 2024

Rescue Paw Has Accomplished So Many Wonderful Projects Because Of The Generous Support That Has Been Received This Year. 550 Dogs And Some Cats Are Now Off The Streets And Out Of The Kill Shelters Of Texas Where They Have Come To No Kill Shelters Up North And Have Found Loving Homes.

Rescue Paw Holds Adoption Events Twice Yearly Supporting Local New York Shelters To Find Loving Homes For So Many Homeless Animals… Our Events Are Always Supported By A Huge Turnout And Many Dogs And Cats Find Their Forever Homes .. The Next One Is Due This Spring And It Is In The Planning Stages Now.

Supporting Humane Education Programs And Spay Neuter Programs Are Integral To Helping To Stop The Animal Overpopulation Problem That Exists. Rescue Paw Supports Heart For Humane Education And Fido Fixers For Spay-neuter, Two Amazing Organizations That Do What They Say. rescue Paw Also Supports The Liu Veterinary School Bringing New Veterinarians Where There Is A Huge Shortage .

Veterinarians Are In Huge Need All Over. the Work Done Overseas Is Done In Partnership With No Dogs Left Behind. Rescue Paw And Ndlb Have Been Partners For Over 7 Years And Together We Have Rescued Thousands Upon Thousands Dogs From The East Asia Dog Meat Trade , Afghanistan And Ukraine. this Video Portrays The Valuable Work Being Done By Rescue Paw Foundation..

Please See Our Instagram Our Cause For Paws and Please Purchase The Jewelry On The London Jewelers Website Under Charity Jewelry. that Supports All The Work That We Do For Animals Both Here And Around The Globe. Every Piece Of Paw Jewelry Sold Saves A Life !!! there Is A Donor Link As Well.. We Can’t Continue To Do Our Work Without Caring People Like You! Every Dollar Is Accounted For .. Every Dollar Goes Right To The Animals In Need!

Thank You
rescue Paw Foundation

Why adoption events are so vital to saving lives! November 29 2023

Every year at least twice a year The Rescue Paw Foundation sponsors adoption events featuring many shelters in the tri-state area. 

Because so many shelters and rescues are full, this is a great way to showcase the dogs and cats by having many of them bring their animals for people to see. There is a great selection of all kinds of dogs and many breeds !! There is no need to buy a dog anymore as rescue has every kind of breed available. Just see what the shelters and rescues have. 

There are so many dogs and cats in one place waiting for you to come to see them and take one home !

When you rescue a pet you actually save 2 by taking the one home and emptying that cage so another one can go in its place. 

With so many unwanted animals from overpopulation these days it’s very rewarding to save lives !

Support The Rescue Paw foundation to be able to do more of these adoption events !
Donations are gladly accepted and every dollar goes right to the animals. 


End homelessness of the animal populations October 05 2023

Humane education is another way to break the vicious chain of how people treat their pets and unwanted pets. Working with programs in the schools in conjunction with Heart educational programs The Rescue Paw foundation has helped to educate hundreds of young students about animal welfare. Getting them young to learn about the problems of too many animals is how to avoid making the same mistakes as in the past. Kindness, caring and compassion is the key to understanding and practicing empathy towards all animals.

Please help to support The Rescue Paw foundation so that we may be able to continue our work to save animals both here and internationally.. Over 10,000 lives have been saved and we will continue to support rescuers , shelters in need , humane education programs and spay- neuter services for underprivileged areas.

Fostering in need June 27 2023

One of the most wonderful ways to help save the precious lives of innocent animals is to foster them into your home. Taking them out of the shelters and off the streets saves lives literally one by one. When you take an animal out of the shelter this leaves another space for another animal in need to come in.

The animal fostered in your home will learn what it’s like to live in a home feeling safe and loved. It’s easy to become a foster .. go to your local shelter to visit and see who would be a great candidate to bring into your home until the animal is adopted by the rescue or shelter.

There are so many that need loving homes while waiting to find their forever home. This is a true blessing and will bring such joy to you, your home and the animal that sat in the cage all alone.

Rescue Paw foundation helps to support local shelters by promoting their animals At our adoption events and the Our Cause for Paws Instagram.

Long Island Adoption Event April 05 2023

Rescue Paw not only saves lives from the South, locally and overseas, but we continue to support the whole rescue process from beginning to end.

We rescue from some tough places ! And we can’t do it without the support or caring and kind people like you!

April 15th is the Rescue Paw adoption event on the campus of Long Island University. Rescue Paw has relationships with  the 18 rescues participating in this event.

We are doing this with the participation of the veterinary school. The students will be there for meet and greet , there will be private tours of the new veterinary building. In conjunction, the equine stables are on the campus as well. There will be a horse rescue coming as well. Someone will be demonstrating horseshoeing. There will be food trucks, ice cream trucks, vendors, raffles and of course the most beautiful adoptable animals. This is all stemming from the mission of the Rescue Law foundation to find loving homes for each and every animal that needs a home.

Please help Rescue paw to do more of these adoption events, so we can clear the shelters !

Champions for Charity at the Americana on Long Island November 21 2022

Rescue Paw believes that every homeless animal deserves a chance for a second home.

As a result we have been rescuing dogs, some cats, and a couple of donkeys (once upon a time) for many years. Over 10,000 animals have found their way to us because of the support from our donors and the Our Cause for Paws jewelry collection available at London Jewelers.

Rescue Paw has provided vetting such as vaccinations, spay & neuter, and transport to shelters in the North East. These dogs come in from many underprivileged areas and now they are brought up to the North to loving homes. The last step is the adoption event, where they will hopefully find their forever homes!

Please join us to support this event for Champions for Charity at the Americana Manhasset, on Long Island.

If you can’t make it to the event, purchase the jewelry for the holidays as a great gift for someone you love. Donations to Rescue Paw help us to support the shelters and the dogs.

Thank you!!!


Your support helps save homeless pets June 07 2022

Every time you purchase a piece of Our Cause for Paws jewelry, proceeds go directly to help to save lives like these precious souls! These dogs were taken off the streets in Texas, saved from the fate of ending up in shelters with high kill rates. Each lovable pooch was treated to veterinary services and transported to safe no-kill shelters in the Northeast.

Rescue Paw Foundation has been responsible for helping to save over 10,000 unwanted dogs and matching them with forever families. We hope there will be many more to come, but we need your help and your compassion to save them. We can’t do it without caring people like you! Please consider clicking Donate with PayPal button to make a tax-deductible donation, or here to choose a gift from our selection of charitable paw-print jewelry. Proceeds from every sale go directly to rescuing and caring for homeless pets.

Follow us on Instagram @ourcauseforpaws to keep up with our efforts and be the first to learn about our fun-filled adoption events. Together we can keep up the good work!

Rescue Paw Adoption Event May 06 2022

The afternoon of April 24th, 2022 was a wonderful day for an adoption event at Garvies Point on the Glen Cove waterfront. Sponsored by Rescue Paw Foundation, London Jewelers and other supporters, the mission for the day was saving lives and finding loving families for homeless dogs. Securing homes for pets in need — and supporting the shelters and rescues that care for them in the meantime — is an important part of the work being done by Rescue Paw Foundation. We have been responsible for saving over 10,000 animals to date, locally and from the southern U.S. as well as internationally.

With many shelters and rescues from Long Island and New York City in attendance, there were plenty of beautiful pups, young dogs and senior dogs on-site, all eager to find their forever homes. There were vendors selling pet-related products, and of course the Our Cause for Paws jewelry line was represented. Proceeds from all of these items as well as from a bake sale, a pizza truck and an ice cream truck all went directly to aid our rescue efforts. The weather, the number of attendees and the lovable dogs helped to make this a most successful afternoon. So far, 33 dogs and counting have found their new families as a result!

We look forward to hosting more adoption events, but we can’t continue to save precious lives without caring people like you. Please consider making a donation to Rescue Paw Foundation to make more events like this possible, and to help secure veterinary care and transport dogs to safe shelters until they find their forever homes! We are a volunteer-based organization and every cent goes towards the animals.