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Keeping our pets healthy and happy and safe in their homes is possible! August 26 2020

Tough times for some make it difficult to keep pets in their Loving homes. This is a time when pet owners need information on how to be able to keep their pets safe and at home instead of turning them out on the streets or leaving them in a shelter. There are many pet care assistance programs that are there to help save your pet ... If your pet is ill.. there are different organizations and grants to help . There are foundations that specialize in supporting pets that are ill and will help to pay for the veterinary bills. Please google it to see which organizations and how to apply for a grant.

You can also ask the local vet to see what they recommend. If you are having difficulty because there isn’t enough food to feed your pet .. There are many local food banks and food pantries that supply pet food along with food for you and your family. Many local shelters also have food pantries to assist with this. Please google or call your local shelter and food bank to see the one closest to where you live. If your pet needs vaccinations or spay-neuter there are also many shelters and organizations to help with this too.

Many times there are  low cost spay-neuter vans that travel and will come to your area to help with this. Please look it up as well or call your local shelter or SPCA to inquire. Some shelters have specific Days set aside for vaccination days and spay-neuter days. All it takes is some effort and curiosity to make the calls and google to see how you can be aided. Keeping our pets healthy and happy and safe in their homes  Is possible! It Just takes love , effort and care. 

Saving precious lives! July 21 2020

There are so many homeless unwanted animals all over the world. In the USA there are too many homeless animals in the South. In the North there are many shelters with empty cages.

We are happy to say that most shelters were picked clean and fosters and adoptions were at an all time high. Unfortunately the overflow of unwanted animals still creates a large homeless population that needs help.

Rescue Paw Foundation helps these animals. We work with boots on the ground partners funding them to go into the streets and the high kill shelters in Texas. Texas is the number one kill state in the USA. After we pull these animals on the kill list we vet them and transport them to our partner shelters and rescues up North to find their forever loving homes. Over time we have rescued approximately 6,000 dogs , some cats and a coupe of donkeys from places that are over populated or from disaster areas . These puppies were recently rescued from Texas and are waiting for their forever homes.

There will be plenty more to come but we can’t do it unless we sell the Our Cause for Paws jewelry.. every piece sold saves a life! Generous proceeds from the sale of this beautiful collection helps to save innocent , precious lives. We can’t continue to save them without caring people like you.

Please see our work on Our Cause for Paws Instagram and Facebook

Fostering a pet June 18 2020

Fostering a pet from a rescue or shelter is a win- win situation for all!

Many animals don’t do well in cages in shelters. It can be a fearful experience leaving an animal to have anxiety or depression. Individual attention and love is what these animals need desperately. The benefits of fostering a pet are many!The biggest advantage is to give a dog or a cat an opportunity to find their forever home ! The pet will be out of the shelter environment and a cage often letting their true personalities shine. People who are thinking of adopting but don’t want to commit will find this a way to see what it’s like to bring a new pet into their home.

For the shelter or rescue this is great as it makes room for another rescued animal to take the cage space so more lives can be saved. Each shelter or rescue has different requirements when fostering a pet in your home. They will ask for the foster to fill out a form letting them know your personal statistics..

such as do you have children..
do they like animals ?
Ages ?
Is your household active ?
Do you have other pets in the house?
Will they get along with a new pet coming into your home?

There are many questions to be asked so the shelter can find the best fit for you.

Many shelters want to know if there is a fenced or gated yard . What are the hours that the pet will be alone in the house. The working schedule.. what do you plan to do with them if you go on vacation? What do you do if the pet makes in the house ? Or chews your favorite shoe? How would you handle that situation? As we all know things can be unpredictable and they want to know what to expect should a situation arise while the pet is in your home. The requirements can be simple from committing to spending time to socialize them and taking them to the vet for check ups if needed.

As for the fosters information to know..Ask questions ... make a list and have the shelter representative answer them. You must ask what food to feed so as to keep the animal stable .. a change of food suddenly can lead to an upset stomach. The amount of food given is based on size and needs. Daily routines for a pet is needed. Feeding and walking should always be the same time. Positive Socializing is Also a vital part of fostering. It’s important to play and socialize your pet with people and other animals if tolerated. If it’s a puppy it’s important to dog proof your home taking away valuable and dangerous objects that can be chewed on or broken. Exercise is vital according to their energy levels as this is what all dogs need. Positive stimulation is what makes dog healthy and happy. Recommendation is 2 hours a day if time allows. Know that it’s important to take the pet to the vet for a checkup if needed so you must find a good vet. And bring the previous vet records with you to make sure all vaccinations are updated. Since this is a foster pet you will have to check in with the shelter or rescue regularly to see if there are any applicants applying for your pet. They will let you know how that goes but as a foster if you decide to adopt you will have first priority.

See if the shelter or rescue has a training program to help if you feel you need the assistance. There are many tools offered to help make the adjustments easier for all. As all rescues and shelters hope that the foster stay will be successful ... hoping that the foster will be a foster failure .. which means that you now have a new member of your family!

Creative Solutions: Adoptions & Fosters in the Time of Social Distancing March 31 2020

After Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) in Southampton, NY made the difficult decision to suspend normal operations a few weeks ago, they needed to get creative about accommodating the many animals still in their charge.
The goal is to keep staff safe so they can continue caring for cats and dogs in the shelter, while also keeping adoptive and foster families healthy enough to continue caring for the animals at home.
The solution came in the form of a new program, SASF Roadside Adoptions & Fosters, designed to get pets into foster and forever homes in a sanitary, social-distancing-friendly way. “We have been doing great getting fosters out,” shares Kate McEntee, SASF's director of adoptions. “Our community really stepped up. In the first two days alone, eight animals were placed into homes!”
McEntee shares the details of their process and strongly encourages other animal shelters to give this type of program a try during these unprecedented times:
  • To take part in the Roadside Adoptions & Fosters program, you must fill out an online application and be approved. SASF kindly asks that anyone feeling ill not attempt a foster or adoption at this time. Please use your best judgment.
  • SASF is following regular guidelines for matching up pets and potential families, to ensure a good fit on both sides.
  • An adoption coordinator will contact you for a phone interview and discuss possible matches. Please do not show up to the shelter unannounced, as all adoptions and fosters will be done by appointment only. 
  • When you arrive for your appointment, SASF staff will meet you curbside to introduce you to the pets. Fostering is free and includes all the supplies you will need, so you can take your foster pet directly home!
  • SASF will remain in close contact, supporting families with anything you may need during open hours. For after-hours emergencies, you will be provided with a cell number so someone can always be reached.
McEntee also notes that the SASF wellness center and mobile clinic are considered essential businesses, still available to anyone in the region. Most needs can be handled outside in a large area with limited physical interactions.
We at Rescue Paw Foundation applaud SASF for their quick and adaptive thinking, and for continuing to provide this critical service! To start your fostering or adopting journey with them, visit southamptonanimalshelter.com/adopt/.

Bear, Darwin and Lettie head off to loving foster homes thanks to the SASF Roadside Adoptions & Fosters program

Please Consider Fostering or Adopting a Pet at this Critical Time! March 25 2020

Although the CDC has been reporting for weeks that there is zero evidence of pets catching or transmitting COVID-19, rescue shelters nationwide are still experiencing a lack of people willing to adopt or foster. Rescue dogs from abroad are especially vulnerable, as misinformation has made the public fearful.

To make matters worse, there is an influx of animals being brought to shelters as many Americans lose their financial stability and become unable to care for their pets. Our shelters are overwhelmed, and most do not have enough volunteers to keep things running smoothly. The unfortunate reality is that many dogs and cats will be euthanized during this time, since there are more displaced animals than there are spots at shelters.

As you send prayers to people and businesses across the globe, please remember to add homeless companion animals to your thoughts. If you or someone you know is in the position to adopt, or even foster a dog or cat temporarily, please reach out to your local rescue shelter. If you are unable to foster or adopt yourself, please consider donating to the Rescue Paw Foundation today to assist us in this critical life-saving mission.

Our non-profit organization directly supports boots-on-the-ground rescue workers and shelters throughout the USA. 

Patrick and Christine of Bergen County, New Jersey, welcomed rescue pup Wiley to their family on March 21, 2020.

What are puppy mills? January 28 2020

Puppy mills (or puppy farms) are places where dogs are bred for commercial purposes. According to recent research conducted by The Puppy Mills Project, there are at least 10,000 puppy mills currently operating in the U.S., breeding more than 2 million puppies per year. On the other hand, it is estimated that over 1 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year.
Why are puppy mills so bad? First and foremost, they are businesses designed to make a profit, which means that the dogs’ health and well-being is not breeders’ primary concern. They rarely invest in proper veterinary care, healthy food, or creating safe and sanitary conditions.
Female breeding dogs are forced to carry litter after litter and are generally kept in cages around the clock, often without protection from the weather. When they are too old to be used for breeding (and thus no longer profitable), they are euthanized, even via barbaric methods like shooting or drowning.
Conditions are no better for the young puppies, who are taken from their mothers too early, crammed into crowded, dirty living conditions, and not properly socialized.
Puppy mills both licensed and unlicensed operate all over the U.S., with the largest concentration in the Midwest. The dogs are shipped at a young age to pet stores across the country, often in inhumane ways. They may go an entire day without food or water, and the close quarters they are shipped in make disease transmission extremely common. Many puppies will not survive the journey from puppy mill from a pet store.
The most important thing you can do to help is to adopt shelter animals instead of purchasing from pet stores or online sellers. Not only are puppy mills bad for the puppies and their parents, but they are bad for the end consumer, who may end up with a dog that develops behavioral or health issues because of its horrendous experience early in life.
If you suspect that an unlicensed puppy mill is operating in your area, or if you suspect inhumane conditions at a licensed puppy mill, report the situation immediately to your local police department or animal control agency. You can also call 1-877-MILL-TIP to file a report with the Humane Society.
Remember: adopt, don’t shop!
Charlie the Maltese, our very own puppy mill survivor, spent five years as a breeder dog.
Charlie the Maltese, our very own puppy mill survivor, spent five years as a breeder dog. She was forced to carry litter after litter of puppies, only to have them taken away from her. We were fortunate to rescue her from the terrible fate of being drowned once she was no longer in her prime reproductive years. She is now the queen of the house – loving and forgiving as all dogs are. Giving puppy mill survivors a second chance at life is the most rewarding thing you can do. Please adopt and give these deserving animals a forever home!

A Beautiful HEART November 13 2019

Gizele Oliveira
Oliveira pals around with Freddie, our rescue model for the day, while wearing pieces from the Our Cause for Paws jewelry collection. Sales from Our Cause for Paws, available at all London Jewelers locations and at ourcauseforpaws.org, directly benefit the Rescue Paw Foundation.
The Rescue Paw Foundation and Gizele Oliveira partner to save precious lives.

Gizele Oliveira, a Brazilian native, began her modeling career as a favor to her uncle, a bridalwear designer, but she was too shy to take it any further until an agent noticed her at one of his shows. Soon after, in 2014, she signed with IMG Models and moved to the U.S. to pursue that career path full time, making her fashion week debut at Dolce & Gabbana the very same year. She has since walked the runways for Elie Saab, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch and Victoria’s Secret, among others; appeared in international editions of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar; and was featured in ad campaigns for MAC and H&M. Now, the animal lover is partnering with No Dogs Left Behind and London Jewelers president Candy Udell’s Rescue Paw Foundation. Read on to learn more about this sweet beauty who’s on her way to becoming a top international model.

On the day of our photo shoot, you had just returned from Hawaii and were leaving the next day for a job in St. Barths. How much of the year do you spend traveling, and where do you currently consider “home”?
I feel like most of the time I’m traveling somewhere for work or vacation, which is the life I’ve always dreamed of! I consider New York City my home at the moment, but I’m always missing Brazil.

How did you meet Candy Udell and Jeffrey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind?
I was looking to work with an organization that loved animals just as much as I do, and my public relations agent connected me with Candy and Jeffrey. A partnership with the Rescue Paw Foundation and No Dogs Left Behind is truly a perfect match.

This fall, you will travel to China to help No Dogs Left Behind rescue animals from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Why did this cause speak to you?
The Yulin Dog Meat Festival was one of the main reasons why I stopped eating meat, so to me, being part of this was inevitable. I hope my work with them will bring a lot of awareness about how horribly people treat animals, especially in the meat industry. I can’t wait to bring dogs back to loving homes.

Jerey Beri - No Dogs Left Behind
Jerey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind, the leading foreign organization in China that works boots on the ground to save dogs from slaughterhouses and the meat trucks.
Your own dog, Bieber, is adorable and even has his own Instagram account, @bieberthedog. We’d love to know more about him!
Bieber is a Havanese-Bichon mix, and I got him at an amazing time in my life. I was feeling super sad and lonely, and he brought me so much happiness! He’s the sweetest animal ever; I’m a really proud mom. I adopted him from a place in Brooklyn. He was so little and sick, but he turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

How would you describe your own style, and what were some of your favorite London Jewelers pieces that you tried on during our shoot?
My favorites were the diamond necklaces—they made me feel so glamorous! For everyday wear, I love mixing big chains with more dainty diamond pieces. London Jewelers has something for every style.

Tell us about your upcoming work. Which magazines and runways can we expect to see you on in the near future?
I’m so happy because this year I got to do a lot of magazines. I did an editorial for Harper’s Bazaar, and I’ll soon be appearing in Vogue Taiwan and also L’Officiel St. Barths.


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A portion of each sale goes directly to the Rescue Paw Foundation, a qualified not-for-profit corporation. Recognizing that over one million animals are put to death each year in the United States, we are committed to raising awareness and funding for no-kill animal shelters, humane education, spay and neuter services, and more.

Not only will she be the proud owner of a new and meaningful piece of fine jewelry, but she'll know that a precious life has been saved in the process.

Rosie’s Story June 04 2019


Rescue Paw continues to work closely with the Society of Companion Animals in Texas, and we are always inspired by our friend and teacher there, Tawana Couch.

 She is the definition of "boots on the ground," collecting dogs from Dallas-area streets and high-kill shelters. Neglect, abuse and overpopulation are rampant, making Texas the number-one kill state in the nation.

Rescue Paw steps in by finding safe places for these dogs at no-kill shelters in the Northeast and arranging to help transport them. Together, we pull between 400 and 700 dogs each year.

One special pup we recently rescued is Rosie, a sweet pit bull. Please read on for her story, as told by Tawana Couch:

"The area where she was is the most dangerous neighbourhood in Dallas. Almost every morning for an entire year, I would drive for miles to go and feed Rosie in the woods. I would try to contain her at various places and times, but no luck. I rescued two sets of her puppies, a total of nine that she took care of.

"I took my mother late in the evening to go show her Rosie, and she fell in love. As I was feeding her, we heard six gunshots from the woods. My mother said, ‘Someone is shooting at you Tawana; they don’t won’t you around.’ On another day, just a couple of blocks away, I was sitting at a red light and a police chase happened right before my eyes. Then, a few days later, a hostage exchange with guns went on just blocks away from Rosie. On this day, I think Rosie decided she better get out of the neighborhood.

"She had begun to trust me and started to eat out of my hand. Finally, Rosie came up to the auto and climbed in and laid down. On this day we were also able to rescue her eight puppies, which she was hiding under a house.

"Rosie is now the happiest, most lovable dog I have rescued in a long time. Just two days after being rescued, she is wagging her tail, licking my face, and letting people come into her kennel and pick up her pups. She appears to be about 3 or 4 years old.

"I see a lot of dogs, and yes, lots of pit bulls. Rosie is a wonderful dog no matter her breed. She is so awesome that Carol, the owner at Boykin Kennel, agreed to keep her free of charge at her place until we find a home for her. She’s the one who named her Rosie. Please think of adopting Rosie or another pit bull in need. My mother said it well: 'She is beautiful, but will the world see it since she is a pit bull?’"

Support from Rescue Paw is vital to the mission of Society for Companion Animals, and it would not be possible without the proceeds from Our Cause for Paws jewelry. For your upcoming special occasions, consider gifting these beautiful pieces to women from ages 5 to 100 — every purchase saves a life!