Fostering a pet June 18 2020

Fostering a pet from a rescue or shelter is a win- win situation for all!

Many animals don’t do well in cages in shelters. It can be a fearful experience leaving an animal to have anxiety or depression. Individual attention and love is what these animals need desperately. The benefits of fostering a pet are many!The biggest advantage is to give a dog or a cat an opportunity to find their forever home ! The pet will be out of the shelter environment and a cage often letting their true personalities shine. People who are thinking of adopting but don’t want to commit will find this a way to see what it’s like to bring a new pet into their home.

For the shelter or rescue this is great as it makes room for another rescued animal to take the cage space so more lives can be saved. Each shelter or rescue has different requirements when fostering a pet in your home. They will ask for the foster to fill out a form letting them know your personal statistics..

such as do you have children..
do they like animals ?
Ages ?
Is your household active ?
Do you have other pets in the house?
Will they get along with a new pet coming into your home?

There are many questions to be asked so the shelter can find the best fit for you.

Many shelters want to know if there is a fenced or gated yard . What are the hours that the pet will be alone in the house. The working schedule.. what do you plan to do with them if you go on vacation? What do you do if the pet makes in the house ? Or chews your favorite shoe? How would you handle that situation? As we all know things can be unpredictable and they want to know what to expect should a situation arise while the pet is in your home. The requirements can be simple from committing to spending time to socialize them and taking them to the vet for check ups if needed.

As for the fosters information to know..Ask questions ... make a list and have the shelter representative answer them. You must ask what food to feed so as to keep the animal stable .. a change of food suddenly can lead to an upset stomach. The amount of food given is based on size and needs. Daily routines for a pet is needed. Feeding and walking should always be the same time. Positive Socializing is Also a vital part of fostering. It’s important to play and socialize your pet with people and other animals if tolerated. If it’s a puppy it’s important to dog proof your home taking away valuable and dangerous objects that can be chewed on or broken. Exercise is vital according to their energy levels as this is what all dogs need. Positive stimulation is what makes dog healthy and happy. Recommendation is 2 hours a day if time allows. Know that it’s important to take the pet to the vet for a checkup if needed so you must find a good vet. And bring the previous vet records with you to make sure all vaccinations are updated. Since this is a foster pet you will have to check in with the shelter or rescue regularly to see if there are any applicants applying for your pet. They will let you know how that goes but as a foster if you decide to adopt you will have first priority.

See if the shelter or rescue has a training program to help if you feel you need the assistance. There are many tools offered to help make the adjustments easier for all. As all rescues and shelters hope that the foster stay will be successful ... hoping that the foster will be a foster failure .. which means that you now have a new member of your family!