Keeping our pets healthy and happy and safe in their homes is possible! August 26 2020

Tough times for some make it difficult to keep pets in their Loving homes. This is a time when pet owners need information on how to be able to keep their pets safe and at home instead of turning them out on the streets or leaving them in a shelter. There are many pet care assistance programs that are there to help save your pet ... If your pet is ill.. there are different organizations and grants to help . There are foundations that specialize in supporting pets that are ill and will help to pay for the veterinary bills. Please google it to see which organizations and how to apply for a grant.

You can also ask the local vet to see what they recommend. If you are having difficulty because there isn’t enough food to feed your pet .. There are many local food banks and food pantries that supply pet food along with food for you and your family. Many local shelters also have food pantries to assist with this. Please google or call your local shelter and food bank to see the one closest to where you live. If your pet needs vaccinations or spay-neuter there are also many shelters and organizations to help with this too.

Many times there are  low cost spay-neuter vans that travel and will come to your area to help with this. Please look it up as well or call your local shelter or SPCA to inquire. Some shelters have specific Days set aside for vaccination days and spay-neuter days. All it takes is some effort and curiosity to make the calls and google to see how you can be aided. Keeping our pets healthy and happy and safe in their homes  Is possible! It Just takes love , effort and care.