Rosie’s Story June 04 2019


Rescue Paw continues to work closely with the Society of Companion Animals in Texas, and we are always inspired by our friend and teacher there, Tawana Couch.

 She is the definition of "boots on the ground," collecting dogs from Dallas-area streets and high-kill shelters. Neglect, abuse and overpopulation are rampant, making Texas the number-one kill state in the nation.

Rescue Paw steps in by finding safe places for these dogs at no-kill shelters in the Northeast and arranging to help transport them. Together, we pull between 400 and 700 dogs each year.

One special pup we recently rescued is Rosie, a sweet pit bull. Please read on for her story, as told by Tawana Couch:

"The area where she was is the most dangerous neighbourhood in Dallas. Almost every morning for an entire year, I would drive for miles to go and feed Rosie in the woods. I would try to contain her at various places and times, but no luck. I rescued two sets of her puppies, a total of nine that she took care of.

"I took my mother late in the evening to go show her Rosie, and she fell in love. As I was feeding her, we heard six gunshots from the woods. My mother said, ‘Someone is shooting at you Tawana; they don’t won’t you around.’ On another day, just a couple of blocks away, I was sitting at a red light and a police chase happened right before my eyes. Then, a few days later, a hostage exchange with guns went on just blocks away from Rosie. On this day, I think Rosie decided she better get out of the neighborhood.

"She had begun to trust me and started to eat out of my hand. Finally, Rosie came up to the auto and climbed in and laid down. On this day we were also able to rescue her eight puppies, which she was hiding under a house.

"Rosie is now the happiest, most lovable dog I have rescued in a long time. Just two days after being rescued, she is wagging her tail, licking my face, and letting people come into her kennel and pick up her pups. She appears to be about 3 or 4 years old.

"I see a lot of dogs, and yes, lots of pit bulls. Rosie is a wonderful dog no matter her breed. She is so awesome that Carol, the owner at Boykin Kennel, agreed to keep her free of charge at her place until we find a home for her. She’s the one who named her Rosie. Please think of adopting Rosie or another pit bull in need. My mother said it well: 'She is beautiful, but will the world see it since she is a pit bull?’"

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