Saving precious lives! July 21 2020

There are so many homeless unwanted animals all over the world. In the USA there are too many homeless animals in the South. In the North there are many shelters with empty cages.

We are happy to say that most shelters were picked clean and fosters and adoptions were at an all time high. Unfortunately the overflow of unwanted animals still creates a large homeless population that needs help.

Rescue Paw Foundation helps these animals. We work with boots on the ground partners funding them to go into the streets and the high kill shelters in Texas. Texas is the number one kill state in the USA. After we pull these animals on the kill list we vet them and transport them to our partner shelters and rescues up North to find their forever loving homes. Over time we have rescued approximately 6,000 dogs , some cats and a coupe of donkeys from places that are over populated or from disaster areas . These puppies were recently rescued from Texas and are waiting for their forever homes.

There will be plenty more to come but we can’t do it unless we sell the Our Cause for Paws jewelry.. every piece sold saves a life! Generous proceeds from the sale of this beautiful collection helps to save innocent , precious lives. We can’t continue to save them without caring people like you.

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