What shelters look for in potential adopters December 06 2020

So many loving families homes are waiting for a pet to come into there lives. The process of adopting a pet isn’t always easy and many people become discouraged causing them to shop rather than adopt. This is a brief overview of what rescues and shelters look for when adopting.

if you live in a home with a yard the shelter wants to make sure that your new pet will have a safe place to run around and not get out to get lost. Make sure that your yard is protected. You can also get a pet collar with a virtual fence that will help to keep your dog safe within your backyard.

Bring the entire family to meet the new pet.. the shelter or rescue will want to meet the family so they can assess if this adoption seems like a good fit.

Other pets in the home..
A shelter or rescue will want you to bring your other dog along with you to come to meet your new pet on neutral territory. This will help them to see if there is synergy between the new pet with other pets in your home.

Home alone..
A shelter or rescue will also ask the pattern and schedule of the house. They will want to know how many hours a day the pet will be left alone , how many time’s a day the dog will be walked and who will watch them if you go away on vacation.

They may require a virtual tour of your house and yard now that they can’t visit in person during covid . Please keep in mind that these questions and regulations are in place to help the let and you adjust to a wonderful life together.

Everyone wants to make sure that the pet will have a safe , loving home for its whole life. If you show them that you can be a responsible pet owner they will be thrilled to have you adopt with them!